Microscope Service

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We are an Authorized Service Center for Nikon, Accu-Scope and Unitron

Southwest Precision Instruments provides microscope sales, service, repairs and upgrades in Arizona, Southern New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego/North County, California. We service most brands of microscopes, including Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss, Accu-Scope, Unitron, Meiji Techno, Wild, Leitz, Cambridge Instruments, Motic, Swift, American Optical, Bausch & Lomb and many others.

Every Microscope
Every Time

Our Complete Inspection and Tune-Up

Perform complete inspection, provide Certificate of Inspection (if requested or required)

Clean all exterior surfaces and peripheral components

Inspect and clean all optical elements, including:
     * eyepieces
     * objectives
     * substage condenser elements
     * polarizers
     * analyzers
     * peripheral devices, including:
          collector lenses
          relay lenses
          camera couplers
          digital camera interfaces

Adjust parfocality as needed

Adjust parcentricity (polarization microscopes)

Clean and lubricate:

     * stage
     * coarse/fine focus
     * bearing tracks
     * sliding wear surfaces (dovetails, gliding stages)

Clean, adjust and center illumination system

Clean and center fluorescence system

Optimize Koehler illumination (compound microscopes)

Center and parfocalize photo and video systems as needed