Accu-Scope has provided high quality microscopes and imaging systems for over 90 years.  Accu-Scope has a full line of educational, research and clinical microscopes and digital imaging systems.
Unitron is the leader in industrial microscopy, including stereomicroscopes, metallographs, illumination systems, video inspection stations and digital measuring systems.  Numerous microscope mounting options are available.
We are an Authorized Agent for Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.  Founded in 1942, Boeckeler manufactures sample preparation instruments for nanoscale research, including biological, biomedical, materials science and industrial applications.
Boeckeler’s products include rotary microtomes and ultramicrotomes with optional liquid nitrogen-cooled cryosectioning attachments, stand-alone and computer-controlled ultramicrotomes, automated electron microscopy tissue processors, freeze-substitution systems and more.


We’ve partnered with Microscope World to bring you a larger and more diverse selection of optical and microscopy-related products for educational, research, clinical, biomedical and industrial applications.  Look for the following products on Microscope World’s Website:
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richter optica logo
Richter Optica is a trusted source of affordable, high quality microscopes for educational, basic laboratory and industrial settings.
mitutoyo logo
Mitutoyo is the leader in rugged, high quality indudstrial microscopy and metrology instruments.
national optical logo
National Optical offers compound microscopes, stereomicroscopes and digital microscopes for the educational market.
motic swiftline logo
For many years, Swift was the leading manufacturer of educational microscopes.  Swift Optical Instruments is now part of Motic, under the Motic Swift Line brand.  Many new features and designs have been added to these microscopes.
motic logo
Motic manufactures a complete line of microscopes for education, general labs and clinical labs.  Motic now also offers a digital slide scanner.
fein optic logo
High quality imaging with an attractive price point, Fein Optic has a complete line of compound, stereo, metallurgical, polarizing and gemological microscopes.
meiji techno logo
Meiji Techno is an excellent source for biology, gemology, industry, asbestos testing, geology and manual/automated digital pathology.
teledyne lumenera logo
Manufactured in Canada, Lumenera digital cameras for microscopy range from basic models to cooled CCD, HD and pixel-shift high resolution cameras.
jenoptik logo
In the imaging business for over 25 years, Jenoptik is noted for powerful digital cameras and imaging software that produce outstanding image quality and highly accurate color representation.
excelitas logo
Excelitas, an industry leader in photonics, manufactures the X-Cite line of illuminators for fluorescence microscopy.
lumencor logo
Lumencor manufactures a wide array of solid-state white and color light engines for fluorescence microscopy.
navitar logo
Based in Rocheter, NY, Navitar specializes in optics, optical assemblies, lenses and digital cameras for industry and life sciences.
paxcam logo
PAXcam digital cameras and PAXit! software are industry leaders in imaging systems for life sciences and material sciences.  PAXit! modular software can handle virtually any imaging task, from quality control to meeting HIPAA extended security requirements.
techniquip logo
Techniquip manufactures ring lights, illuminators, fiber optics and video equipment, including digital crosshair generators and dual video pattern generators for split-screen viewing of dual video camera images.
tmc logo
Advanced vibration cancellation tables and benchtop platforms are the specialty of TMC (Technical Manufacturing Company.)  Both pneumatic and piezoelectric cancellation systems are available.  TMC also designs and manufactures acoustic, electric and magnetic field cancellation enclosures.
hausser logo
Known for high precision counting  chambers, Hausser Scientific manufactures chambers for microorganism and cell counting, and the examination of fluids and suspension emulsions.