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From monocular student microscopes starting under $300 to quality systems for research, clinical and industrial applications, Accu-Scope provides a complete line of micro-optical systems to meet any need.

Southwest Precision Instruments Sells and Services Accu-Scope and Unitron Products.  Both
Accu-Scope and Unitron are Certified to ISO 9001 Quality Standards and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

Forensic-Comparison Microscope_150x198

Unitron’s CFM comparison forensic macroscope was designed with input from forensic scientists, police organizations and educators in the field of forensic science.

Designed for the inspection of firearms, ballistics and toolmarks.


Measuring, mask alignment and modular Shopscopes for the production floor and the machine shop.


Several configurations of metallurgical microscopes with epi-illumination are provided by Unitron, including the EXAMET-4 upright microscope (upper left) and the MEC2 inverted metallograph (lower left)


Unitron’s unique RMM2 Rollscope is used when the specimen is too big to be placed on the stage of a conventional microscope.  It is used in aviation, printing, field metallography, ship hull and pressure vessel inspection and rolled materials inspection.

Z10 Series Ergo Ball Bearing LED Ring_150x114

Unitron’s Z Series of stereomicroscopes are designed for exceptional ergonomy and optical performance for medical device manufacturing, inspection, assembly and quality control.  The line consists of the Z10 (shown here), the Z8 and the Z6.  More details are available online.


The 3080 Series of student microscopes are well-built and extremely rugged.  Monocular and teaching heads (with a second viewing tube) are available, as well as models with stage clips and mechanical stages.

3052 (F)_150x270

Several models of student stereomicroscopes are available as fixed-magnification and dual-magnification versions.  Shown is the 3052 with 1x and 2x objectives.


Suitable for the mid- to upper-level life sciences teaching laboratory or as a general use benchtop microscope, the 3000-LED comes with the latest in illumination, an LED array.  Extended lifetime means you probably won’t have to change a bulb for the duration of the microscope’s lifetime!

3002 _150x177

The 3002_LED Series is popular with life scientists, veterinarians and medical laboratories.  It has an LED illumination system with a rechargeable battery pack.  The microscope may generally be used for 6-8 hours on a single charge.  It can also be used while it is charging.


The 3012 is a mid-level instrument for general laboratory use, and it can be fitted with transmitted light or epi-illumination for fluorescence, as well as a trinocular tube for digital imaging. The microscope comes in LED and halogen illumination versions.

3032 with mech stage150x153

The 3032 is a versatile and highly customizable research inverted microscope with several options, including a low-positioned ergonomic mechanical stage and
epi-illumination for fluorescence.  Epi-illumination options include mercury, metal halide and LED sources.

3052 (F)_150x27002

The 3050 Series of stereomicroscopes are excellent choices for high-use student laboratories.  Various dual-magnification versions are available with 1x/2x, 2x/4x, 1x/3x and 1x/4x objectives.  All models are equipped with both incident and transmitted light.  Shown is the 3052 with 1x/3x objectives.

3066 US_150x172
3069 GEM (S)150x234

Numerous mounting options are available for Accu-
Scope’s stereomicroscopes.  Shown is a Model 3060 on a flex arm (left) and a model 3066 on a boom stand (right).

3075 E-LED_150x181

The Model 3075 zoom stereomicroscope has a magnification range of 6.7x - 45x with 10x eyepieces and can be equipped with various stands, including incident/transmitted light, pole stand, boom stand, flex arm or diascopic stand.

The 3069 Series is ideally suited for industrial applications, classrooms and dedicated hobbyists.  Shown is the gemological version of the 3069 on a dovetail stand with incident and transmitted light/darkfield with a gem clip.

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