Southwest Precision Instruments represents RMC Products, a manufacturer of ultramicrotomes and other EM specimen preparation  instruments and accessories for biology, biomedicine, materials science and industrial applications. 

Electron Microscopy / Specimen Preparation from RMC Products

Rotary Microtomes for biomedical, industrial and materials science applications

Ultramicrotomes for ultrathin sectioning for electron microscopy

Cryoultramicrotomy System for frozen ultrathin sectioning

Glass Knife Maker for highest precision and control during the knifemaking process

Automated EM Grid Stainer for time savings and reduced operating costs

High Pressure Freezer for optimal cryofixation without the use of cryoprotectants

Freeze Fracture System with ultrahigh vacuum cryopumped chamber

Automated tissue processor for electron microscopy saves time and reagent costs

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Electron Microscopy