Specimen Preparation Instruments for Electron Microscopy
by RMC Boeckeler

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Sample prep Solutions for TEM, SEM, AFM, TOFMS, LM and CEMOVIS

PowerTome XL and PowerTome PC
LN Ultra Cryosectioning System
AtumTome Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome
GKM 2 Glass Knifemaker
HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine

QG 3100 Automatic TEM Grid Stainer
EMP 5160 Automated TEM Tissue Processor
Rotary Microtomes
CRT 900 Cryosectioning System for Rotary Microtomes

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pt-xlPowerTome XL    PowerDrive cutting stroke for large blocks and hard materials.  Overhead LED array for epi-iillumination, LED backlight for approach of the knife to the specimen, and LED transillumination spotlight.  High stability mechanical advance system.  Dual footswitch control with trim function.

pt-pc-ensemblePowerTome PC   Hybrid control system with touch-screen monitor and digital tactile controller.  High definition video monitoring system with built-in measuring capability.  Record and save video clips and still images.  Built-in report generator, database and diagnostic routines.  High stability mechanical advance system.





ln-ultraLN Ultra    Cryosectioning system for ultramicrotomy of biological and material science applications.  Advanced design cryochamber, ultra stable, +35° C to -180° C.  Multiple knife holders for glass and diamond knives and trimming tools.

ATUMtome15_webATUMtome   Automatic tape collecting ultramicrotome for array tomography, 3-D reconstruction and correlative workflow.  Collect hundreds to thousands of sections onto a tape substrate for later analysis and SEM imaging.





glass-knife-mkrGKM-2 Glass Knifemaker   Micrometer positioners for precise scoring and final breaking of glass
strips.  Digital readout of applied load for consistent and controlled breaking.  Produces knives from glass up to 12 mm thick.

hpm010-slideHPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine   Over 100 installations worldwide and more than 400 scientific publications.  Well-frozen specimens up to 200 µm in thickness and 2 mm in diameter.  Excellent results with biological tissues and suspensions.



qg-3100-slideQG 3100 Automatic TEM Grid Stainer
Closed system excludes air for reproducible staining and operator safety.  Low operating cost.  Individual staining procedures are easily programmed.  Stain multiple grids using precisely the same times and reagents.

emp-5160-slideEMP 5160 Automated Tissue Processor
Carousel processor with 20 reagent vial stations.  Sealed vials for operator protection and to control evaporation of solvents.  Fifty programs can be stored in memory, each program with up to 55 steps.  Program key for safe and secure operation.  High capacity with up to 48 specimens in multi-compartment baskets.





mt-990-stage-cuRotary Microtomes   A full line of microtomes is available to suit any microtomy situation, from the manual (semi-motorized) MR2 and the motorized MR3 to the fully motorized precision MT 990 microtome

crt-900CRT 900 Cryosectioning System   Designed to easily install on RMC Boeckeler’s rotary microtomes.  Generates cryosections for light microscopy, FTIR microspectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and other material science applications

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